How can I thank You

For that which You’ve given?

Come down from Heaven,

From Glory,

From Majesty,

To be born upon Earth,

In squalor

In poverty.

As a Babe,

So small,

So Helpless,

So unmajestic and inglorious.


Nor did You choose

A king’s palace to live in.

First in Exile,

An alien,

An outcast.

Then a nobody,

A carpenter’s son,

Then a carpenter

In Your own right.


Even in ministry

You sought not

Kings, nor men of power,

But all who would listen:

The poor,

The sinner.


Your final End

Was even more inglorious.

Torture and mocking.

Spitting and taunts.

The death of a criminal

Public death on a Cross.

Hung between thieves

Made like unto highwaymen.


You are not content

To halt there

In Your loving Degradation.

From God to Man:

The Creator took form of the creation.

From Man to Bread:

From Creator to food of the created.


O Holy Degradation,

O Loving Degradation,

Willing Victim,

Eucharistic King.

Suffering all things

To bring Salvation

To those unworthy,


Of bringing about their own salvation.


More than Humility,

More than what Justice required.

Mercy Incarnate,

Overwhelming Love

Shown forth

In a most Blessed Degradation.

How can we complain of our own sufferings

When You have given so much?


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