Sing Out

Sing out, O Soul,

To One Most Worthy,

One Most Loving,

One Most Gracious.


He alone

Is worthy of such joy,

Such happy outpouring,

Such musical expression.


How can a heart not sing

When faced with the Lord?

He has made sunrise and sunset,

Mountain and river,

Desert and beach.

All things worth loving

Reflect His Beauty

And bursts into song.


Sing out and dance,

Let your joy be known!

Ours is not a melancholy God,

Not a God of sour piety.

Rejoice in our Savior,

Our Creator,

Our Lord.

Give Praise to Him

Who gives us strength.

Let it be known

That all that we are,

All that we love,

Comes first from Him.


Give glory and praise,


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