What is Holy Degradation?

Holy Degradation was started just as a place where I could post some of my Eucharistic poetry. That was it. After a while, such poetry felt more and more personal and I stopped posting it. But the site remained. Now it is a place to post my thoughts and meditations. But at the center of it all is the reminder that Christ is all. And He lowered Himself to become one of us in order save us. And that needs to be appreciated, loved, and remembered. And so the title stays as a constant reminder of how special this Holy Degradation of His is. It is also the name of one of my first poems on the site. Please don’t judge it too harshly if you chose to read it. I’m not a poet. It was a love-letter to God and probably should have never been shared. I am just to lazy to delete it.

Who are you?

My name is Tahlia. I am Roman Catholic. I am a member of the laity, so no special training that priests and nuns have. I work a full-time job like most of the rest of society, so this gets updated as I am able and as I am inspired. But I am a nurse, not a priest. These are my thoughts, my meditations. But I am not a theologian. Do not take me as Gospel truth just because I can type, have access to a WordPress account, and know how to press the Publish button.

That being said, I am a postulent in the Institute of Our Lady of the Annunciation. This branch of the Pauline religious family allows me to live in the world, but still have a more intense religious life. I am not perfect. And I am still in formation. Please have patience with me.

I hope you enjoy this blog for what it is, a simple collection of personal meditation. And hopefully, you can maybe get a little bit out of it to help with your own personal meditation as well.